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Mary Meyer

Integrative Health and Wellness Coach

Mary Meyer

Mary's strength program for me has helped build my strength, reduced injuries and seen me through rehab from 3 kids, and overuse injuries.     


  ~ Annika

A visionary pioneer in personal training and wellness, Mary inspires and challenges clients to reach their goals, whether to run a marathon or to walk to the mailbox.


~ Erin

Her style is clear, honest and she sticks with people, with support, instruction and tenacity. Mary is your coach, adviser and mentor.

                                            ~ Tim

Mary has changed how people think about health, fitness and diet.  

                         ~ Rocky

Mary Meyer has been an inspiration and a source of reputable knowledge for more than 20 years in my life.

                                             ~ Anne

Mary was forever patient, gave me realistic milestones and helped me to reach some pretty lofty goals I had set for myself.


                             ~ Lisa 



I offer you a balanced approach, 

one that serves you, my client, in the three critical areas of integrative health and

wellness success: fitness, nutrition, and habit.  

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Healthy Aging

Discover the benefits of an

All-in-One Coach

"I help individuals integrate daily quality of life habits that promote longevity and health.”


The number one success my clients share with me 

“At my doctor’s appointment they asked,

‘What have you been doing?

You’re no longer ‘pre-diabetic.’ 

‘We can take you off your medication now.’”


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Be the driver in your life. Exploit life’s possibilities.

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"Helping individuals integrate life quality habits results in longevity and health.”

My specialized health and wellness plans are designed

based on the individual.

Please contact me to see if committing to a wellness plan

is the right fit for your lifestyle.

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